BGL announces milestone, new beta release

Written by Staff Reporter Thursday, 11 February 2016

SMSF software provider BGL has announced the forthcoming beta release of CAS 360, as it emerges that more than 1,000 firms are now using its Simple Fund 360.

BGL’s managing director Ron Lesh said he is pleased with the progress Simple Fund 360 is making.

“Our team has worked tirelessly over the past two years to make Simple Fund 360 the market-leading SMSF administration solution," Mr Lesh said. “Client take-up tells me this is now the case.”

The second quarter of this year will see the beta release of CAS 360, the web version of BGL’s corporate compliance service, which Mr Lesh is also confident about.

“CAS 360 is the next part of the BGL suite to be available on the web,” Mr Lesh added.

“Automated annual review processing, single trigger automated processing of corporate changes and integration with all the major accounting software suppliers is going to save our clients hundreds of hours of work each year.

“CAS 360 is a fully automated cloud-based, ASIC-registered corporate compliance solution – not just an email system.”

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